FAQ about DriveHQ Resell Platform Online Backup

  • What is DriveHQ Resell Platform Online Backup?

    DriveHQ Resell Platform Online Backup is a better way of backing up your important data files, including your photos, music, video, emails, financial data or customer data. It offers higher level of security, reliability and convenience than most other backup solutions. You can backup, access and restore your computer data from anywhere, anytime without carrying any backup devices.

  • How does it work and how to get started with DriveHQ Resell Platform online Backup?
  • How can DriveHQ Resell Platform make sure my files are secure on the Internet?
  • Why do I need a backup service?
  • I have local backup using a USB drive, what is the advantage of DriveHQ Resell Platform backup?
  • Should I use Real-time backup or scheduled backup?
  • Can I back up multiple computers using the same DriveHQ Resell Platform account?
  • Which folders should I backup? Do I just backup the whole C: drive?
  • Do you support incremental backup or you upload all files every time?
  • Do you keep file version history?
  • I have a small business with 10 employees and 12 PCs, what is the best way to backup all PCs?
  • Can it backup my (Outlook) emails?
  • Why is your service not free?
Download and install DriveHQ Resell Platform Online Backup to automatically backup your files and emails online.  
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