Save 90% of your file server cost! No need to pay for file server hardware and software; file server administration is a snap; basic service is FREE!

Works just like your local file server, little or no training is needed for your employees.

Many powerful features that are not available on regular file servers. These features include:

  • Easily access your files remotely from anywhere, anytime; no need for complicated VPN;
  • Remotely share documents / folders with branch offices or customers and set different levels of permissions;
  • Automatically synchronize folders among multiple users and multiple PCs;

DriveHQ Resell Platform Remote File Server uses high-end RAID storage system, redundant server equipments and redundant sets of data to ensure higher-level data protection than your own file servers.

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Feature / price comparison of DriveHQ Resell Platform vs. in-house solution. DriveHQ Resell Platform is many times better and cheaper!
Features and Cost DriveHQ Resell Platform Remote File Server Solution In-House / Self-Managed File Server solution
Starting Cost $0-29.9/month, $299/year for VOSI-5 plan, which includes far more features than just a File Server $1000-3000 or more: Must buy a file server machine; also need to setup / configure / manage the server
Server Management and Maintenance Cost Low: easy web-based administrative tool, no IT background required High: Requires a system administrator with IT background
File Server Backup / Data Backup Cost Low: DriveHQ Resell Platform File Server has multiple levels of redundancies. Any single storage / server crash will not cause system downtime or data loss. High: File Server must be backed up manually, which will add additional cost. Server crash could cause service down-time or data loss.
File Server Client Software DriveHQ Resell Platform File Explorer, manage local and remote files/folders like Windows Explorer Windows Explorer - manage local files easily
Folder synchronization Yes, DriveHQ Resell Platform Explorer can sync multiple PCs and users; schedules & real-time sync; one-way or two-way sync plus file name filters. No. Folder Synchronization requires 3rd party software
Remote File / Folder Access Yes. Can access from anywhere, anytime using web browser, DriveHQ Resell Platform Explorer or FTP No. It might be possible using a complicated VPN solution.
Map network folder / drive DriveHQ Resell Platform has a better solution which doesn't slow down your PC and never locks Windows Explorer Only works in the Intranet. If used with VPN, it can slow down your PC or even lock your Windows desktop
File Server Performance It is slower than local file server for local file access, but usually faster for remote file access. It is slower than DriveHQ Resell Platform remote file server on remote file access, but faster on local file access.
File Server Reliability More reliable: Top-quality data center facility, multiple levels of data redundancies; 24 x 7 system monitoring. Less reliable: lack of redundancies in all areas. Power, network or any device failure could bring down the file server.
Data compression for fast upload / download Yes N/A
Combine small files for fast upload / download Yes No
File encryption Supported Usually not supported
Share Folders with external business clients Yes No