Redefine the online storage

DriveHQ Resell Platform Group online storage offers advanced online storage services for colleagues, partners and clients. Your DriveHQ Resell Platform Group storage is easily accessible through web browser, DriveHQ Resell Platform Group FileManager, FTP, and Windows Explorer. So you no longer need USB keys or emails to share files.

Stored remotely at our secure, fully-redundant storage servers and protected by encryption, your data is more secure and reliable at DriveHQ Resell Platform Group storage than your own computer.

Main Features

Easier collaboration among colleagues, partners and clients

Share storage space and exchange information fast and securely; make DriveHQ Resell Platform your virtual workspace.

Save thousands of files online, ready for you anywhere, anytime

Family photos, life memories, financial information, or anything else.

Maintain complete control over data access

Our patent-pending permission-control technology lets you manage sub-user access with great flexibility and complete control.

Easy upload and download like never before

With FileManager, transferring files is as simple as drag-and-drop.